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I am taking an extended break from midwifery and doula services. I am however always happy to talk to you and see if I can help, or give you amazing referrals based on what you are looking for!

If you, or friends/family of yours are looking for a really great real estate agent, please give me a call. I have been so honored to serve people who originally came to me for birth services, but ended up needing my real estate support instead.

I’m never too busy to answer questions or consult via phone if you want help figuring out your best care plan! I always offer this time for free. I have, over the years, been known as one of the midwives to call if you are hoping for a VBAC, I love sharing anything I can to help you achieve your goals.






midwifery care

Licensed Midwives provide complete prenatal care in a clinic or at the client’s home throughout the length of a woman’s pregnancy. Licensed Midwives in Washington offer the same testing that hospital based providers do. We preform and send out lab tests, and refer out for specialist visits and ultrasound imaging as needed/desired. The major difference from hospital based providers is that midwives typically spend 30-60 minutes together at each prenatal visit. This time is filled with monitoring you and your baby’s health and well being, fully informed choices regarding your care, the tests you receive, questions you have, problem solving discomforts and issues you might be experiencing, along with getting to know each other (so when the time of birth comes you are comfortable with your provider!). Throughout prenatal care, midwives monitor you and your baby’s health and well-being. Most women and babies are healthy and low risk. Occasionally, during prenatal care, you may end up becoming higher risk, if that occurs and it is unresolvable, then it might be safer to birth in the hospital, in such cases midwives will help you find a supportive hospital based care provider. You can engage in midwifery care at any time in your pregnancy. Many women decide to have a home birth after planning a hospital birth their entire pregnancy! Many midwives welcome late transfers, provided you have received prenatal care somewhere. Prenatal visits are typically every 4-8 weeks until you are 28 weeks pregnant. Visits are every 2-4 weeks from 32-36 weeks. Then weekly from 36 weeks until birth.
There are many benefits to having prenatal and postpartum care with a midwife even if you know you want to give birth in the hospital! The benefit primarily comes from the time spent caring for you, clients tend to feel more relaxed, cared for, and informed. You can do most of your prenatal care with us, then give birth at a hospital, then receive postpartum care from us.

labor & birth

Because birth is as individual as each woman is, it is never exactly the same, it is important to have a provider that knows you well. When attending births midwives draw on the knowledge they have from years of study and the many, many births they have learned hands and intuitive skills from. Licensed Midwives carry medications that can be used in the rare case of an emergency.
There are many benefits to laboring and birthing at home with a skilled professional; You are in your own space, free to move around and use the comfort measures of your own home. You can labor and give birth in a birth pool if desired. Warm water in a large pool relieves pain and reduces stress. You don’t have to go anywhere in labor or after your baby is born, after hours of monitoring the midwife will make sure you and your newborn are settled and will leave you to rest in your own bed.

what home birth looks like

Seattle home birth – A lovely 3rd baby born at home, this was this families 2nd home birth.


bfing pic


With midwifery care you receive extensive guidance and support not only during pregnancy and birth, but also after you have your baby! Midwives typically do a postpartum in home visit 1-3 days after the birth to check in on you and your baby, help with breastfeeding (if desired), and offer routine newborn screening tests. Other postpartum office visits are typically done at 1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, and 5-6 weeks, but most midwives are flexible if you find you need extra support. This style of care greatly improves outcomes and reduces complications postpartum.

safety of home birth

To find studies about the safety of home or birth center birth, please visit http://www.washingtonmidwives.org/
On the front page you can see links to studies on the right side of the page.
Also, here is the largest and most accurate study that has been done in the U.S. on planned home and birth center birth outcomes


In order for home birth to be safe, occasionally transfer to a hospital based care provider becomes necessary. 

my philosophy

The philosophy that guides my care is that this pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are yours. I will support you, assist in educating you, encourage you in your journey, and be there as a safety net for you and your baby, but ultimately I will respect your authority over your own body and your own baby.

family postpartum


Professional labor support (a birth doula) studies have shown to reduce the cesarean section rate, reduce the rate of interventions, and, most importantly, improve maternal satisfaction.  As a doula I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women and their partners in labor through birth and early postpartum. Clients have described me as a very warm and comforting presence at their births and I truly have a passion for birth and the memories you walk away with!   If you would like photos, I am happy to take them for you!

Up to two prenatal visits: For us to enjoy getting to know each other and make plans about how I might best support you.
Continuous labor support from the time you request my presence (I will come to your home, the birth center or hospital)
Up to two postpartum visits where I can assist you in establishing breastfeeding, offer sound support and encouragement.
Unlimited e-mail and phone support.
If you feel you need more prenatal or postpartum visits, please ask and we can discuss.
Since I am a licensed health practitioner, I have clearly outlined in my doula contract that I am not your medical care provider, and I will remain
within the role I am hired in.
Also, I do not take transfers into midwifery care from clients that hired me as their doula. I stay in the role I was hired. The reason being, I care very much about the collegial relationship I have built after years in the community, and I would not want to offend another healthcare provider. If you are unhappy with your provider and have already hired me as a doula, I would be happy to help you find a provider that would be a better fit.

For doula services the fee is $2,000 ($800 due at the first prenatal visit, $1,200 due at the first postpartum visit)

For REPEAT/returning clients the fee is $1,400-$1,800 ($600 at the first prenatal, $800-$1,200 at the first postpartum, you decide what to pay in this range)

Here is my contract, we will review this and sign it at our first prenatal visit