Midwifery & Doula

After attending over 600 births over the span of a decade, I am taking an extended break from midwifery and doula services. I am however always happy to talk to you and see if I can help, or give you amazing referrals based on what you are looking for!

If you, or friends/family of yours are looking for a really great real estate agent, please give me a call. I have been so honored to serve people who originally came to me for birth services, but ended up needing my real estate support instead.

I’m never too busy to answer questions or consult via phone if you want help figuring out your best care plan! I always offer this time for free. I have, over the years, been known as one of the midwives to call if you are hoping for a VBAC, I love sharing anything I can to help you achieve your goals.



family postpartum

Seattle home birth – A lovely 3rd baby born at home, this was this families 2nd home birth.