One year recap- Jan 2018 to Jan 2019

  I completed my first year in real estate! I wanted to quickly share statistics. My first year is not typical, most agents don’t make much, if anything, in their first year. I was really blessed to have a strong community, and also to have spent a decade getting skilled at real estate applicable skillsContinue reading “One year recap- Jan 2018 to Jan 2019”

end of 2018 family/personal life update

I think I’ll call 2018 the year of work. It was towards the end of 2017 inspired and ready to change careers that I signed myself up for a real estate course and told my hubby the plan. He’s a good man and went along with it, “whatever makes you happy babe.” Its scary andContinue reading “end of 2018 family/personal life update”

Thankful for the market slowing down…

The Northwest MLS put out this article and I think it’s worth sharing. Whether its the time of year, or an overall market slowing down, I am so incredibly grateful for it. We need it. The way the market has been, cut throat competitive, people pushing their limits, possibly never even getting a house, itContinue reading “Thankful for the market slowing down…”