Our first project!

In 2016 we bought our first home (er dump)! It was quite a project, and I’m so excited to finally share the progress the home made in the last 3 years of us living there and working on it!

Initially, it was the acre it sat on that helped us look past the work that the house required, and I am so thankful we didn’t let the work stop us!

The majority of the work was done during the initial loan disbursement period with our contractor and us working very hard to fix all the problems with this once very neglected home. Since then we have continued to pour our time, money, and love into this house to make it an amazing home.

Well, recently we bought the neighbor’s house (another beauty-challenged and neglected home) and we are keeping busy fixing that one up! We will soon be moving into it to finish the work and so the time came to say goodbye to our beloved first home and pass it on to the next people to love and enjoy it.

You can find the listing at:


Here are the before and after photos, I hope you enjoy them!

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