end of 2018 family/personal life update

I think I’ll call 2018 the year of work. It was towards the end of 2017 inspired and ready to change careers that I signed myself up for a real estate course and told my hubby the plan. He’s a good man and went along with it, “whatever makes you happy babe.” Its scary and challenging when so much of your identity is wrapped up the work you do. But, I needed to change careers, I needed to have a healthier work/life balance. So I dove into real estate. I still had a full time workload of midwifery through the end of August, and with how quickly real estate work picked up that meant there were more 80+ hour work weeks than I care to admit. I’m so thankful my family hung in there for the ride.

End of Summer came around and the real estate market had slowed some (Spring is always the busiest time of year for real estate), just as we closed on our 2nd investment property. The work is still going on the investment property, its a big project.

remodel kids

*the youngest kids helping (or just playing) in what will again be a bathroom soon

November & December have been sort of a blur of real estate work and remodeling, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Our hopes for 2019 are pretty simple, help lots of awesome clients buy and sell homes or investment properties of their own. We want to finish up the current major remodeling project. Beyond that, we’ll need to take the boys backpacking sometime this year.


Here is hoping you have a happy holiday and that 2019 is a good year for you and your family!


The Barrons

family pic

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