Kat Barron with Best Choice Realty

Kat Barron & Company at Best Choice Realty is your resource for buying and selling homes in Seattle, and all surrounding communities.

Hi, I’m Kat. After a decade of supporting birthing families as a doula & midwife, I have spent the last couple of years helping people buy & sell homes!  I also have been actively investing in real estate with my husband, and love to share any info I can with starting out/younger investors!

To the hundreds of families I have served over the years of doula and midwifery work, I love your support, it means the world to me. I am still the calm-under-pressure midwife I have always been. I am simply supporting people through the house buying process now. I believe I bring a unique and personalized approach, using the skillset I have learned over several years of birth work. It brings me great joy to nurture relationships, practice-honestly, and value client-centric service.

To the dozens of families/people I’ve served over the last couple of years as an agent, THANK YOU! For trusting a newer agent, for teaching me immense amounts, and for letting me do everything I can to serve you in the best way I know how.  I am not kidding when I say I have the BEST clients ever.

I made the top 10% of my brokerage!

2019 was a great year!

Not only was it a good year and busier than expected, but my performance statistics really showed that I’m doing something right! These were the highlights~

  • Bidding war win rate: 100%  in 2019   (approximately half of offers were involved in bidding wars this year)
    • 2018 every offer was a bidding war, and my stats for that year were also far above average at 50%, average was ~10%
  • 9.6 Average Days on Market for listings
    • most recent data for WA MLS was 43 average days on market